Who are 5to9SEO ?

5 to 9 SEO Ltd is run by a group of professional SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) specialists that between them have over 32 years of experience in this field and is based in the market town of Llanrwst, North Wales.

Why 5 to 9 ?

We have set up this web site and business to help those people in the UK that run a 5 to 9 business - in other words those small businesses that are run from home as a business once you get home from work, be it professional services, craft based businesses or any other "small" business. The directors of 5 to 9 SEO Ltd appreciate that there is a need for professional help with SEO and that many small businesses can not afford to use the larger companies out there that will want to charge 100's or even 1,000's of pounds every month.

Being a small business ourselves we understand the pressures on time and money that 5 to 9'rs are under. To fit in with your needs we will be available to answer your emails during the evenings and at week-ends as well as checking our emails during the working day.

Our services are aimed at the small business that needs better results in the search engines. We have several package levels of service including :-

  • Self help pages on this site where you can read about the basics of SEO and do it yourself at no charge from us.
  • Reports and advice about a single page of your web site (your home page for example) where you or your web designer makes the changes.
  • Reports and advice about your whole web site (this is more useful than a single page as pages on your site can affect other pages on the site) where you or your web designer makes the changes.
  • A full service where we log in and make any required changes to your site for SEO purposes.

If you contact us we promise to take a look at your site and only agree to work with you if we really feel that we can make a difference to your business.

SEO is traditionally very expensive and larger agencies can charge £1000 a month and upwards. We know that this is well beyond what many small businesses are willing to, or, can afford to pay.

5 to 9 SEO have packages that start at £50 per month for a minimum of 6 months and we believe that we can deliver 90-95% of the results that a typical large SEO agency will produce as a cost that you, as a small business, can afford.

All websites are different and a 'one size fits all' approach is not what we offer, rather we provide a more personalised service. This is why our prices for reports on larger sites and the full service option depend on the size and complexity of your web site and are available on request if you contact us.

Unlike many SEO companies we do not outsource any work, we believe that if you are using us to carry out SEO for your web site you have every right to have us working on the site or the report. You will not find that we use offshore workers to attempt to get you links from other sites, nor do we use automated tools to try to get you links or otherwise improve your rankings in the search engines.

You should note that we cannot guarantee 1st place or even first page positions on search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo (nor can anyone else) as there are too many external circumstances ranging from the rules that search engines use through to what the competing sites are doing. However we do have a record of getting good results for clients in our professional lives and expect to get similar results for clients of 5 to 9 SEO.